Drupal 8 : Responsive & Mobile App in its DNA

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In Current world everyone is trying to access everything on mobile, so for every business this is required that they should have website accessible on mobile or mobile application.

So here i am going to explain Drupal 8 for Mobile and this topic will help everyone who want website or app which should be accessible on mobile.

Responsive Drupal 8:

Drupal 8 is mobile friendly this is it's core feature so now when you installed Drupal 8 you will get responsive website so you can access it on any devices which is major feature in Drupal 8. In older version if you have responsive theme then it was possible to access it on any device but with Drupal 8 is responsive by birth.

From big screen to smaller screen things look different. Images are changing size menu items are become mobile menu, column are pushed one after one so that it is viewable according to screensize. Now This is 100% mobile friendly so you can upgrade your older websites to Drupal 8.x ot increase your sales, speed, users, visitors etc..

Mobile app & Drupal 8:

In Drupal 8 introduction to RESTful Web Services. This is very big initiatives in Drupal 8. It was never easy to work with Drupal on web services, but now this is easy with Drupal 8 so that we can develop app. Now you can use any front-end framework like Angular, Ionic and Cordova and Drupal 8 as back-end and RESTful Web Services so help of this you will be able to get a app which will improve your business needs.

Web services is the part of Drupal 8 core with the following modules:

RESTful Web Services

Exposes entities and other resources via a RESTful web API. It depends on the Serialization module for the serialization of data that is sent to and from the API.


Provides a service for serialization of data to and from formats such as JSON and XML.

Hypertext Application Language

Extends the Serialization module to provide the HAL hypermedia format. This is what is used as the primary format in Drupal 8 Core. It only adds two reserved keywords, ‘_links’ for link relations (also used by Github's Pull Request API) and ‘_embedded’ for embedded resources. The HAL hypermedia format can be encoded in both JSON and XML. For more details see the initial HAL proposal.

HTTP Basic Authentication

This module implements basic user authentication using the HTTP Basic authentication provider. It faciliates the use of an username and password for authentication when making calls to the REST API. It is required for the examples shown in this blog post, and I would advise configuring SSL if you use it in production. For anyone lookiing for a more secure option, check out the contrib OAuth module which already has a Drupal 8 branch.