Why hire Developmenticon for Drupal development services?

  • Hire Developmenticon for drupal development services

This is very important and general question that I have been asked so many times "why hire developmenticon for Drupal development services". So I decided to write a blog to describe about work we do, our strength, environment, culture and process.

We are specialized in Drupal CMS.

We have more than 9 years of Quality experience in Drupal. We are dedicated in Drupal Services only. We have worked on Drupal 4.6.x, Drupal 7.x, Drupal 5.x, Drupal 6.x and Drupal 7.x and now we are doing research and development on Drupal 8.x. So we have Great working experience in Drupal.

Work with specialized Team

We have team of back-end developers and front-end developers. back-end developers have expertise in Drupal module configuration, custom module development and they have high level coding experience in Drupal. They know how to develop custom module in Drupal following Drupal standard. They know how to use existing modules according to client need. We are always trying to use existing module if anything which is not possible to do with existing module then we are writing Custom module.

front-end developers (themer), they have expertise in how to write theme in Drupal, our themer's have good experience in using all major base theme like zen, Omega, Adaptive theme, Bootstrap, Custom Responsive theme etc.. We are using sass, less with compass also we are using AngularJS and Cordova for front-end job. In our team we have quality themer with good experience with Responsive theme development. We are the part of paid Drupal themes marketplace where we have uploaded our profession themes and we are one of the top author who is providing quality responsive theme. While doing theme we are taking care of SEO aspects.

We are growing day by day

In current world mobile is the best source to access things on the web and so we have build our team with the skills of mobile application development. We are developing Android, iOS, Hybrid, Web and Native mobile applications. We are using AngularJS, Cordova, Ionic and PhoneGap.

Team with Responsible team members

Our team member have their own responsibility we don't put them in limits, We have fun, loving and very open environment. We are helping each other and sharing knowledge in between. Our team members have produced top quality projects and with long list satisfied clients. Our team is our strength.

Our contribution to Drupal

This is very important that if we are very experienced then what kind of contribution we did. So we have contributed modules at drupal.org. Also we encourage our team to be a part of that and make time for it.

It's all about Client's Satisfaction

We are following client friendly approach, We follow quality in our Drupal development process. We are trying to maintain good communication with client. We are providing Regular updates. We are providing finished product to the client with minimal issues.

Security and Safety of Client's information

This is our Top priority of client's should be safe and secure. In any circumstance, we don't share their personal information to anyone.

SEO Friendly Structure

While doing development and theming we follow all aspect of SEO Friendly Structure of Website. Drupal have list of top SEO modules which we use in our Drupal websites.

Pathauto - One of the most used module of Drupal. The pathauto module saves our time to create user friendly url manually. It is using url pattern to create path of each content which could be defined by admin for each of the content type, taxonomy, views etc..

Page Title - Title is the most important factor of seo plan. The Drupal default title is rendered by the node. Page title allows us to take control of the node and creates whatever title name we want. We can set patterns for the title.

Metatag - This module enables our control over the meta tags, page title, description and keywords.

Search 404 - The search 404 module gives us a way to handle with 404 page errors on our website.

Redirect - This is great module if we want to deal with duplicate content.

Global Redirect - Checks the current URL for an alias and does a 301 redirect to it if it is not being used. Checks the current URL for a trailing slash, removes it if present and repeats check 1 with the new request. Checks if the current URL is the same as the site_frontpage and redirects to the frontpage if there is a match. Checks if the Clean URLs feature is enabled and then checks the current URL is being accessed using the clean method rather than the 'unclean' method.

All the above modules we use in our each of the Drupal websites but there several other modules which we use after we have discussed with the client if they wanted to use those.

We provide Drupal support & maintenance

We provide regular support and maintenance to our clients with continuous upgrades, high security and keep maintaining their website on an ongoing basis. We are capable of handling small and big maintenance contract. Also we have provided developers on-site with our several other client's like in USA, UK and we are capable of doing this with our future client's too.

We have history of on-time delivery.

We are well versed in using GIT.

We are using all major project management tool like Jira, Asana, Basecamp, Trello.

We have worked on pantheon.io, linode and Acquia Cloud.

We have expertise in setting-up Apache Solr Server.

Expertise in LAMP Server Support.