Why Upgrade From Drupal 7 To Drupal 8

  • Convert Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

All of us were waiting for Drupal 8 to be released. Now this is time to upgrade all of our Drupal 7 website to Drupal 8. But there are many thing we need to consider before we decide to upgrade our Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 because in Drupal 8 there many modules which not available or still in development phase. But there are many thing which is already been done we can upgrade our many website where we found all available modules in Drupal 8.

Now our hot question is why we should upgrade our Drupal 7 websites to Drupal 8. According to Drupal.org, It has 200+ new features and improvements. If you are a module or theme developer or simply a user of Drupal website then Drupal 8 has what you need to create Todays's great digital experiences.

With a leaner and meaner core, easier migration process from earlier versions, in-place content editing tools and loads more power for modules and themes thanks to a modern Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach on the back-end, there is something for everyone to love in Drupal 8.

Following are the Drupal 8's improvement:

  • Mobile in its DNA
  • Multilingual Capabilities
  • New Configuration Management
  • Accessibility Integration
  • A Better User Experience
  • Built-in Web Services
  • Effortless Authoring
  • Fun and Fast Theming
  • Views, Out of the Box
  • Field Power
  • Better Markup with HTML 5
  • Industry Standard Approach

Mobile in its DNA

Drupal 8 contains all mobile first features in it like Responsive Themes, Picture Element.

Responsive design is the major thing and Drupal themes are now with responsive elements so we can use, install, edit and publish our content on any device without any response issues. Now Drupal theme became platform and device independent.

Now one of the major thing is responsive image feature which allow us to upload images and size these according to the resolution of the devices. Now Drupal responsive image filter and sizing module make it easy to view, edit and work on any type of picture with ease without any issue.

Multilingual Capabilities

Drupal 8 is more multilingual than it was ever with any version of Drupal. Drupal 8 multilingual improvements are Language handling, Interface translation, Content translation, Configuration management. In Drupal 8 everything knows its language like field setting, block or menu item or something else. This is very important that it is allowing us to do translation on each part of Drupal 8.

New Configuration Management

Drupal 8 has completely new configuration system to store configuration data in a consistent manner. Now Drupal 8 is providing a user interface under Configuration Manager to import and export configuration changes between Differnet Drupal installation like dev, testing and live.

Accessibility Integration

In Drupal 8 some improvements made to accessibility. Now Form API puts error in-line. A general approach in Drupal 8 is to use standard libraries to deliver functionality rather than trying to develop well know and well developed functionality from scratch.